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empowers openly identified sexual minority people called to God's mission of ministry and witness.

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Lutheran Lesbian & Gay Ministries

Rev. Steve Sabin (right)
Call To Witness

Comes with discussion guide.
59 minutes

Offering insights into all the current struggles over sexuality within organized religion, Call to Witness tells the stories of three openly gay and lesbian midwestern Lutheran pastors who have taken a stand against their own church. This ground breaking documentary skillfully unpacks the contradictions within the ELCA, which supposedly welcomes lesbians and gay men, but, at the same time, condemns them.

Call to Witness tells the stories of Rev. Steve Sabin in Iowa, who was outed by his bishop, supported by his congregation, and "tried" by the national church because he refused to resign; Rev. Jane Ralph in Missouri, who was forced out of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with no process for recourse; and Pastoral Minister Anita C. Hill in Minnesota, who was working to be ordained as an openly lesbian pastor in the year 2001. Also included are two San Francisco congregations that defied the ELCA in 1990 by calling Revs. Ruth Frost, Phyllis Zillhart, and Jeff Johnson, openly gay and lesbian pastors not on the approved ELCA roster.


"The stories in Call to Witness need to be heard if we are to seriously engage in the 'continuing conversation' that is our currently stated purpose. That conversation has multiple sides and this video presents a side seldom heard by the people in our pews, or in the public." - Bishop Paul Egertson, Southern California West Synod, ELCA, Retired.

"Call to Witness is very important. It helps people understand the painful process we¹re in and see the heroes who are guiding us through it. What¹s going on in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is going on everywhere." - Rev. Mel White, Author/Activist and Founder of Soulforce

"Call to Witness exquisitely captures the new integrity God is calling us to." --Rev. Jimmy Creech, United Methodist Church

"In just sixty minutes, Call to Witness captures not only an important piece of history, but also illustrates why religious debates are so essential to our struggle for civil rights." - Jim Mitulski, GLBT Outreach Coordinator, James Hormel Center, San Francisco


Call to Witness is now under contract with Free Speech TV. Each week FSTV reaches over eight million homes across the U.S. and is available on the Dish Network Satellite Television System. For more about FSTV and how to subscribe to the Dish Network Satellite system, go to www.fstv.org


Call to Witness will screen at the Tiburon International Film Festival in Tiburon, California, on March 17 at 7PM. The director and members of LLGM will be present for Q&A. For more information about the festival go to www.tiburonfilmfestival.com. Phone 415-381-4123.

Please tell friends and congregations around the country.

Call to Witness and its detailed discussion guide are available to all ELCA congregations for just $30 plus s/h. For more information and photographs contact Pam Walton Productions.

Pam Walton Productions
Box 391025
Mtn. View, CA 94039
650-960-3414 / fax 650-962-8539
email: pgwalton@earthlink.net
web: http://www.imagereal.com/call.html

A review of Call to Witness can be found at Whosoever, the online magazine for glbt Christians: