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Lutherans Announce First National Conference for Family and Friends

June 14, 2001

News Release from Lutherans Concerned:

Lutherans Concerned announced today that it is sponsoring the first national gathering of Lutheran family and friends of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trangendered people. Bob Gibeling, program executive for Lutherans Concerned/North America, stated the theme chosen for the conference is "Family Journeys: One Family of God, Many Faith Stories." A highlight of the conference will be the premier of a new video featuring the Rev. Paul Egertson, who recently resigned as Bishop of the Southern California-West Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, as a matter of conscience.

The conference will be held August 9 and 10 at Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in Indianapolis. It is scheduled to coincide with the Churchwide Assembly of the ELCA. Christ Church Cathedral is located at Monument Circle in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, a ten minute walk from the convention center where the ELCA will be meeting.

A special worship service at 12:15 on Thursday, August 9th will kick of the conference. Participants are free to attend ELCA hearings on human sexuality related policies that afternoon. Then specific conference programming will begin at 7:30 Thursday evening. Lutherans Concerned will premier its new video "What do you say when someone you love says they're gay?" This is a video based on the personal journey of Bishop Paul Egertson and his wife Shirley as they come to understand what it means to have a gay son.

The next morning the Rev. Paul Feiertag, Lutheran pastor, active PFLAG member and father of Lutherans Concerned Co-Chair Tim Feiertag, will serve as moderator for the conference. Pastor Feiertag will present some basic concepts on sexual orientation and faith and lead a time of sharing of stories by those people present. Discussion groups on related topics of interest will follow until 11:30 am. The conference will then close with a brief worship litany to send forth.

"Nobody in the church has ever given Lutheran family and friends a chance to share stories and learn from with each other on a national basis before, remarked Bob Gibeling. "We are thrilled to be providing this opportunity and pray it will make a positive impact on the lives of each person and the church as a whole."

Advance registration is requested but the fee will only be less than $25. For more information contact Janelle Bussert, 651-222-5665 and look up the web page: www.lcna.org/FC2001.

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